The Adventures of BobAngTony

Episode 1 - Adventure in Tydon

Adventure in Tydon

The adventures enter the Tydon bar.

Wiping off their boots, they're greeted by a large, snappish barmaid named Joan. She pours them a round of ale and introduces them to the town of Tydon, the central hub in the continent of Marrissea.

There is a table of Dwarves discussing angrily, huddled over a table. Gold can be seen on their table. There are six of them. The adventurers take notice, and plot to steal the Dwarves' gold with their unseen servant.

Sensing the magic, the dwarves arm themselves, ready for a fight. Tony gets up to start

As the bar fills with a quiet, soothing tune of Careless Whisper, a hooded figure enters the bar, and surveys the bar from a corner table. Bob and Aang look carefully at the figure, but decide to leave him alone.

Finishing up the ale and talking to Joan, the party decides to head to the town center where the guild hall is. It's time to get themselves a mission.

Getting into the guild hall, the party finds themselves surrounded by many other adventurers, all seemingly here to find themselves hefty quests.

Going straight to the receptionist, the party requests for the most difficult, highest paid quest. Another group of adventurers hear this, and approach the party. Affronting the party, they demanded to join the quest.

The party acquiesced, but not soon after sneaked an unseen servant behind to finger the leader of the group in the ass, driving them angrily out of the guild hall.

The party follow soon after, scheming to take them out by nightfall.



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