The Adventures of BobAngTony

Episode 6 - High Mage Rescue Operation
High Mage Rescue Operation

Refreshed from a good night's rest, our adventurers gear up for their rescue mission in the ruins. They head to the local church at the direction of Jane in hopes of picking up some Holy Water for any sort of undead they might meet in the ruins. The priest offers them the water and blesses them for their dangerous campaign ahead. They then head off with the soldiers from the barracks towards the foreboding ruins, and perhaps to their deaths.

Entering the graveyard before the ruins, a thick fog covers our party. Their minds cloud and the men get spooked. Humanoid shadows appear behind the fog, approaching our party. A guard recognized a figure as his lost brother, and ran ahead in the confusion. Without missing a beat, Bob commands the guard to stand down, and be cautious in the fog; it could be an evil trick. As it turns out, the figure was a mangled, cobbled homunculus, and the party faced off against a zombie horde.

With great clashing of swords and tugging of bows, the party alongside the trained army wears down the shambling zombie horde, making sure the undead don't rise again. They press on into the heart of the darkness.

Maniacal laughter fills the air as they spread to search the ruins for the mage. All is eerily peaceful until they come across a sharp, ear-piercing impact. Following the sound, the party find themselves in a worn Colosseum, face to face with three wraiths, circling a weakened mage. The mage held an aura barrier between him and the wraiths, untouched, but in no shape to fight. His shield barely holds.

The party goes to action on the wraiths. With immense effort and multiple casualties, the party cleans two wraiths out while Tony attempts to channel his Arcana into the mage. The mage revives temporarily to subdue the final wraith with a large engulfing flame. He introduces himself to the party as Sir Peter Silverheart, and they retreat back to redwood to tend to their wounds.

Episode 5 - Gypsies and Yetis
Gypsies and Yetis

The yeti charges at the party, engulfed in flames. Bob commands the yeti to halt, and it takes a knee, before shaking the spell off and continues rampaging. Tony takes charge, and with a swing of his accordion, blasts the yeti backward. Aang supports the combat with magic missiles and beams of light.

Finally taking the yeti down, the party examines it closely, salvaging whatever parts remained. Dispersing the flames into the air did not help, and the yeti caught fire again, seemingly emanating from inside its body. Quickly deciphering its origin and cause of appearance, the party look towards where it came from to find the portal which led the yeti to town.

They were greeted by a massive hailstorm at the edge of town. The party started getting frostbitten almost immediately, despite only being at the edge of the site. Heading back to the library covered in frost, the party seeks Jane's aid for charms to ward off the cold.

Heading back, they now managed to head to the center of the incident. A magical gleam split reality, opening a rift to an ice plane. The party sees two similar size yetis, and a gargantuan looming figure behind them. Not taking any chances, the party destroys the stone before any yeti had a chance to come through. The magic shard bursts into splinters and the rift closes, leaving silence and a calm snow in its wake.

Regrouping at the library, they discuss their next plan of action. The party decides to head now to the mayor's office, where they would request soldiers from the mayor to rescue the mage from the ruins. Rallying the soliders, the party then rests for the night, preparing for the arduous journey the next day to come.

Episode 4 - Exploring Redwood
Exploring Redwood

Our heroes remain in Tydon after collecting their reward from Athelm. Although Athelm invited them to the town over to shop at the bazaar, they refuse and instead head towards the blacksmith and apothecary for upgrades.

Donning new armor and stocked up on healing potions, our adventurers leave next for the city of Redwood, in hopes of finding a High Mage that can provide them with magical weapons.


Reaching Redwood, our adventurers gain their bearings from the middle of town, and locate the town library. Bob is accosted by a young homeless child who tries to steal his gold. Stealthily switching around, Bob makes the child grab his bird dick instead, causing the child to run and scream in terror.

The party reach the library, only to find the High Mage missing. His apprentice, a meek red-head by the name of Jane Finnis, tells our adventurer that the Mage had left for the ruins a few days ago, not having returned since. Our adventurers then leave for the marketplace, to think and regroup.


Bob comes across a Gypsie, who he gladly paid to get his fortune told. Skeptical, Aang and Tony attempt to suss out the magic from this Gypsie, to find nothing. The old Gypsie was a swindler, not prophetic in the least. She takes an amulet from the back, attempting to sell it to Bob, when a boy snatches the amulet, disappearing into the streets. Guards chase after the boy, and the party pursues them.

In stunning feats of acrobatics, Bob and Aang leap over the crowd, across buildings, chasing the boy. Tony decides to busk. As Aang reaches the boy, he grabs the amulet in a scuffle, and the boy runs off with the guards chasing, no one the wiser.

The party goes back to Jane to appraise the amulet, to find that it appears to be magic nullifying. Aang hands it off to Bob, and they leave to go back to the Gypsie, intent on selling it back to earn more money.


As they reach the marketplace, the citizens run away from a source of destruction from the wall of the city. A large fire breaks out, spreading across the shops and huts. The party looks ahead, and a large silhouette growls menacingly and breaks into a run towards the party.

They draw their weapons.

Episode 3 - The Beast of Darkwood Forest
The Beast of Darkwood Forest

The following morning, the town guards come to collect the criminal who destroyed public property. However, the bandit had died from shock after being burnt half to death without medical attention through the night. The guards decide to put wanted posters to catch the remaining bandits who had escaped.

Finishing up breakfast, the party heads to the edge of town to find their mysterious quest giver. They are met with a strange merchant named Athelm*, with a wagon full of large crates.

Athelm tells the adventurers of a beast in Darkwood Forest that needs to be slain, and that a few people are looking for vials of its blood. They are given a magic rock that was said to attract the beast. The party stocks up and heads to the forest.

Getting deep into the forest, signs of a large creature are found; claw marks and paw prints that estimate the creature at 5 times the height of a human being. Bob decides to find a better vantage point to look for the beast. He flies into the air with the magic rock, surveying the area.

A spit of acid*** flies at Bob, and a battle commences. Bob attacks the beast first, while the party trails along to find them. The beast is revealed to be a Fire Salamander**. The adventurers fight hard against the beast.

The salamander takes great interest in the magic rock, and the party realizes that the rock was its egg. The battle is hard fought, but Aang finally maims the creature greatly with an exploding ice shard, ripping the creature apart. Finishing it off, the party goes to collect its blood in vials, but not before calculating the temperature which glass melts, and if the vials could indeed hold magma hot drake blood.

Satisfied, Aang being a fire resistant Ginossi, fills and holds the vials. Returning to Athelm, they receive their payment for slaying the beast and retrieving its blood. The heroes go to rest after a hard day's work.


*Athelm was remembered wrongly by the DM as Ames, and subsequently called him that through the episode. Having mixed it up several times after, Athelm seemed to stick better than Ames with the party.

** The description of the Fire Salamander was not developed. The party envisioned it and eventually shortened it to fire drake after. As a random quest encounter, it shouldn't have mattered if not for the egg the party had kept and hatched after.

***Also, it was a mistake that the Fire Salamander shot acid and not magma.

Episode 2 - Espionage and Torture
Espionage and Torture

After the debacle in the guild hall, the bandits who attempted to steal our heroes quests left swiftly. Bob calls forth a minor army of rats to tail (no pun intended) the bandits, and sneakily follow them back to the inn.

The party immediately feels a strange presence watching them, and a quick arcane investigation points the source to outside to inn; a quiet observer. Our heroes ignore this, and instead plot to decimate the bandits in the middle of the night.

In the twilight hours, when Aang and Tony were asleep, Bob summons an unseen servant, commanding it to hold a rat to the bandit leader's belly, casting prestidigitation to scare the rat into burrowing into the belly of the bandit.

It fails when the rat struggles out of the unseen servant's hands. The bandit jumps wide awake at this assassination attempt, draws his sword and leaves to start searching the other rooms in the inn. He calls his companions.

Sensing his approach, Bob decides to put a distraction and pretends to pleasure himself (or not pretending to, really). As the bandit barges in their room, he is unfazed by Bob's distraction. Angrily, he slashes at Bob.

At this moment, Aang startles awake, casting the first spell that came to his mind. Wide flames shoot from his hands, and with a surprise to everyone, the hallway and corridor burst apart and filled with flames.

The bandit was blown back into a wall, charred and close to death. The other bandits flee at this sight, chased hot on their heels with arrows and lightning cast by Bob and Tony.

The ruckus summons the Innkeeper, whom the party explain to and promptly blame the half dead bandit lying on the floor. The Innkeeper calls the town guards, and our heroes take the bandits room for themselves and have a good night's rest.

Episode 1 - Adventure in Tydon
Adventure in Tydon

The adventures enter the Tydon bar.

Wiping off their boots, they're greeted by a large, snappish barmaid named Joan. She pours them a round of ale and introduces them to the town of Tydon, the central hub in the continent of Marrissea.

There is a table of Dwarves discussing angrily, huddled over a table. Gold can be seen on their table. There are six of them. The adventurers take notice, and plot to steal the Dwarves' gold with their unseen servant.

Sensing the magic, the dwarves arm themselves, ready for a fight. Tony gets up to start

As the bar fills with a quiet, soothing tune of Careless Whisper, a hooded figure enters the bar, and surveys the bar from a corner table. Bob and Aang look carefully at the figure, but decide to leave him alone.

Finishing up the ale and talking to Joan, the party decides to head to the town center where the guild hall is. It's time to get themselves a mission.

Getting into the guild hall, the party finds themselves surrounded by many other adventurers, all seemingly here to find themselves hefty quests.

Going straight to the receptionist, the party requests for the most difficult, highest paid quest. Another group of adventurers hear this, and approach the party. Affronting the party, they demanded to join the quest.

The party acquiesced, but not soon after sneaked an unseen servant behind to finger the leader of the group in the ass, driving them angrily out of the guild hall.

The party follow soon after, scheming to take them out by nightfall.


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