The Adventures of BobAngTony

Episode 4 - Exploring Redwood

Exploring Redwood

Our heroes remain in Tydon after collecting their reward from Athelm. Although Athelm invited them to the town over to shop at the bazaar, they refuse and instead head towards the blacksmith and apothecary for upgrades.

Donning new armor and stocked up on healing potions, our adventurers leave next for the city of Redwood, in hopes of finding a High Mage that can provide them with magical weapons.


Reaching Redwood, our adventurers gain their bearings from the middle of town, and locate the town library. Bob is accosted by a young homeless child who tries to steal his gold. Stealthily switching around, Bob makes the child grab his bird dick instead, causing the child to run and scream in terror.

The party reach the library, only to find the High Mage missing. His apprentice, a meek red-head by the name of Jane Finnis, tells our adventurer that the Mage had left for the ruins a few days ago, not having returned since. Our adventurers then leave for the marketplace, to think and regroup.


Bob comes across a Gypsie, who he gladly paid to get his fortune told. Skeptical, Aang and Tony attempt to suss out the magic from this Gypsie, to find nothing. The old Gypsie was a swindler, not prophetic in the least. She takes an amulet from the back, attempting to sell it to Bob, when a boy snatches the amulet, disappearing into the streets. Guards chase after the boy, and the party pursues them.

In stunning feats of acrobatics, Bob and Aang leap over the crowd, across buildings, chasing the boy. Tony decides to busk. As Aang reaches the boy, he grabs the amulet in a scuffle, and the boy runs off with the guards chasing, no one the wiser.

The party goes back to Jane to appraise the amulet, to find that it appears to be magic nullifying. Aang hands it off to Bob, and they leave to go back to the Gypsie, intent on selling it back to earn more money.


As they reach the marketplace, the citizens run away from a source of destruction from the wall of the city. A large fire breaks out, spreading across the shops and huts. The party looks ahead, and a large silhouette growls menacingly and breaks into a run towards the party.

They draw their weapons.



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