The Adventures of BobAngTony

Episode 5 - Gypsies and Yetis

Gypsies and Yetis

The yeti charges at the party, engulfed in flames. Bob commands the yeti to halt, and it takes a knee, before shaking the spell off and continues rampaging. Tony takes charge, and with a swing of his accordion, blasts the yeti backward. Aang supports the combat with magic missiles and beams of light.

Finally taking the yeti down, the party examines it closely, salvaging whatever parts remained. Dispersing the flames into the air did not help, and the yeti caught fire again, seemingly emanating from inside its body. Quickly deciphering its origin and cause of appearance, the party look towards where it came from to find the portal which led the yeti to town.

They were greeted by a massive hailstorm at the edge of town. The party started getting frostbitten almost immediately, despite only being at the edge of the site. Heading back to the library covered in frost, the party seeks Jane's aid for charms to ward off the cold.

Heading back, they now managed to head to the center of the incident. A magical gleam split reality, opening a rift to an ice plane. The party sees two similar size yetis, and a gargantuan looming figure behind them. Not taking any chances, the party destroys the stone before any yeti had a chance to come through. The magic shard bursts into splinters and the rift closes, leaving silence and a calm snow in its wake.

Regrouping at the library, they discuss their next plan of action. The party decides to head now to the mayor's office, where they would request soldiers from the mayor to rescue the mage from the ruins. Rallying the soliders, the party then rests for the night, preparing for the arduous journey the next day to come.



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