The Adventures of BobAngTony

Episode 6 - High Mage Rescue Operation

High Mage Rescue Operation

Refreshed from a good night's rest, our adventurers gear up for their rescue mission in the ruins. They head to the local church at the direction of Jane in hopes of picking up some Holy Water for any sort of undead they might meet in the ruins. The priest offers them the water and blesses them for their dangerous campaign ahead. They then head off with the soldiers from the barracks towards the foreboding ruins, and perhaps to their deaths.

Entering the graveyard before the ruins, a thick fog covers our party. Their minds cloud and the men get spooked. Humanoid shadows appear behind the fog, approaching our party. A guard recognized a figure as his lost brother, and ran ahead in the confusion. Without missing a beat, Bob commands the guard to stand down, and be cautious in the fog; it could be an evil trick. As it turns out, the figure was a mangled, cobbled homunculus, and the party faced off against a zombie horde.

With great clashing of swords and tugging of bows, the party alongside the trained army wears down the shambling zombie horde, making sure the undead don't rise again. They press on into the heart of the darkness.

Maniacal laughter fills the air as they spread to search the ruins for the mage. All is eerily peaceful until they come across a sharp, ear-piercing impact. Following the sound, the party find themselves in a worn Colosseum, face to face with three wraiths, circling a weakened mage. The mage held an aura barrier between him and the wraiths, untouched, but in no shape to fight. His shield barely holds.

The party goes to action on the wraiths. With immense effort and multiple casualties, the party cleans two wraiths out while Tony attempts to channel his Arcana into the mage. The mage revives temporarily to subdue the final wraith with a large engulfing flame. He introduces himself to the party as Sir Peter Silverheart, and they retreat back to redwood to tend to their wounds.



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