Athelm Wake

Merchant (New Mayor of Redwood)


A young man who has been in the center of attention for merchants across the continent. Some jealous people say that Athelm cheats his way into business and that there was no way anyone could earn gold so quickly.

Favorite color: ?
Passions: ?

Dislikes: ???

Goal in life: ???


A man with a mysterious past, Athelm popped out of almost nowhere with his amiable attitude and cart full of goods. Not much is known about this man, but people seem to trust him almost instinctively.

Starting out with simple resource trading, Athelm found success in artifact and rare mineral trading. Everywhere he went, business started to boom. He soon became popular and earned a household name for himself.

Most recently, he has requested for Torul Essi, the then running Mayor of Redwood, to set up a trade route between his many cities to shorten trips and destinations. At the refusal for business, Athelm became enraged, throwing his temper at the Mayor ceaselessly.

There’s definitely more to him than what meets the eye.

Athelm Wake

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