Jane Finnus

Mage Apprentice (Harper)


Jane Finnus is a young female human gifted with an immense wealth of knowledge and a propensity for the magical arts. She ties her head of red hair in a ponytail, and is usually seen wielding a rod implement or magical staff.

Favorite color: Turqoise
Passions: Reading, archeology, linguistics.
Dislikes: Olives, undercooked meat, spiders

Goal in life: Travel the world to study and document the many untouched ruins.


As a young child, Jane was found to hold mystical powers. Her parents had sold her to slavers, where she was experimented on through her teen years. One fortunate evening, at a traveling mage’s passing, the Mage, Peter Silverheart rescued her from her captors and took her into his care.

Bringing her back to his library at Redwood, Peter worked hard to shelter and provide Jane a safe environment to live in. She was a recluse for a long while, trusting no one.

While cautious and resistant at first, Jane grew to trust the mage and accept his teachings. She became one of Peter’s fastest students, with a high propensity for good, perhaps from the terrible memories of her childhood.

She stood as the Mage’s right hand woman, with almost as much knowledge as the High Mage himself. Though quiet and introverted, she works as hard as she can to help the people who come to the magical library to seek advice.

After the mage’s disappearance, he left a will in the form of a magical message. He had passed ownership to her, and she now possesses all his books and items. He also sent her on a quest, an initiation to the Harper’s Guild, something that only trustworthy people are allowed to partake.

Jane Finnus

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