Joanne Cetett

Tydon Barmaid


Favorite color: Green
Passions: Making a good home cooked broth and stew
Dislikes: Rowdy, drunk dwarves

Goal in life: Keep her family owned tavern in Tydon running for as long as she can work.


Joanne works hard at the tavern her late father passed to her. Decades of serving all sorts of customers had left her hardened and unhumorous. Her regulars fear her, her colleagues respect her, and no one ever crosses with her. Ever.

As the one place she grew up, the tavern holds all her childhood memories. She remembers her father joyfully serving customers, leaving tabs unpaid, and basically have townsfolk step over him. She scorned the people who took advantage of her father’s kindness, and swore that when she took over his business, she’d make it just as homely, but stricter than her father ever was.

Many years has passed since her father died, and while the tavern has gone through much renovation from deterioration, Joanne is still dedicated to this one place she calls home.

Joanne Cetett

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