Peter Silverheart

Redwood High Mage


A middle aged man whose eyes dance with sparks and change colors ever so often. He speaks softly, but every word he mutters will be heard religiously by those who revere him.

Favorite color: Purple
Passions: Lazing in the open plains on a sunny Elesias afternoon.
Dislikes: Door to door merchants, shadows, bed hair

Goal in life: Learn the greater magics of the world and pass on his knowledge to the ones he deem worthy.


Peter Silverheart is the resident High Mage of Redwood. While not all towns have mages, Peter took this quiet town as his home and has established a magical library with an assortment of magical books, enchantments, and items.

Estimated to be about 300 years old, he uses his magic to conceal his age, looking nothing beyond 30. He is the trusted authority of the town, and residents turn to his consultation for all their problems. He works hand in hand with the mayor of redwood to govern the city, and has gained the trust of the town’s military.

Both Peter and the mayor are agents of The Harper’s Guild. Working together in secret to quell the land of evil, Redwood and its vicinity were particularly safe.

In his loneliness, Peter took up multiple apprentices. The most recent of which was Jane, a budding magician he rescued from a horrible life of slavery and experimentation. He raised her in his image, and imparted all he could to her, hoping that she would turn out better than her last apprentices.

Towards his mysterious demise, the mage was cleansing the ruins near redwood, which he thought held a nest of vampires. He was wrong, and faced three elder liches and their horde of possessed. He was trapped in the ruins for a week before the city guards and a band of adventurers came to his rescue.

After his return, he disappeared suddenly in the midst of investigating one of the adventurer’s ailments. Presumed dead, he was never heard from again.

Peter Silverheart

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