Torul Essi

Mayor of Redwood (Deceased)


A pudgy man who wears fabulous clothes on indoor days. Running as mayor for Redwood is an ardous task, but he does it for the money and fame

Favorite color: Gold
Passions: Ale and mead tasting, fine exotic meats, foot massages
Dislikes: Paperwork, secretaries, Athelm Wake

Goal in life: Live life to the fullest. Eat, drink, and make merry.


An aged man with high self-worth. After ruling Redwood for most of his life, Torul has become complacent in his office. He runs simple finances, controls the town’s army, and is great friends with the town’s High Mage, who had set up his own library off in a corner of Redwood.

More of a bystander than an actual member, Torul happened to chance upon the Mage in the middle of a particularly nasty exorcism. Observed by the Harper’s Guild, they offered both the Mage and Torul a place in the Harper’s. He gladly accepted.

The Mage then trusted Torul with information coming to and fro the city, and had protection spells and enchantments across the town hall, in case some form of evil decided to attack him.

The biggest stress in Torul’s day to day life is the ambitious Athelm Wake, a salesman who grew in ranks and became on of the continent’s richest business owners. Athelm vehemently insists on setting up shop in Redwood, but his business will slowly drive the other townsfolk to starvation, and the money he earns will move to his personal coifers, hurting Redwood’s economy even further.

At the eve of Torul’s death, Athelm became particularly angry at him, something that he has never openly shown before. Torul has been wary of Athelm, but his last interaction made him slighly… fearful.

Torul Essi

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